To my friends at Lake Michigan Credit Union

I don’t deserve any of you.

2015 was the second year in a row you asked me to be the main speaker at your day-and-a-half retreat for your branch management team. This year was the best yet. I mean, when you begin the festivities with an epic Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament and spice up lunchtime with some tropical-themed entertainment, it’s gonna be a good day.



What I’ve enjoyed most, though, has been your willingness to let me teach you what I know: about listening actively, fighting productively, praising genuinely, and leading effectively; about how to beat burnout; about how to construct a killer presentation. These last two years have been an extended conversation on these topics, and I’ve loved to watch you grow.



For many of you, these skills have made you a better servant-leader. For others, they’ve renewed important relationships at home and in the community.

For me, it’s been a wonderful relationship that didn’t have to happen. There are hundreds of qualified professionals across the country who would’ve jumped at the chance to serve you. Thank you for choosing me two years in a row. I can’t wait to see you all again soon.


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