3 Days in Vermont for VSECU

Matt Davis gave me one of my biggest opportunities for 2015. And I almost missed it.


His call came when I was driving back from a wonderful two days in Michigan, speaking to my friends at Lake Michigan Credit Union. I was speeding through one of northern Indiana’s many no-cell-coverage areas, listening to a Tim Keller podcast and relishing the pleasantly tired feeling that comes when you’ve given everything you have toward a group that you love.


I didn’t see the notification of his voicemail until nearly 90 minutes had passed after he left it. His voice was low and fast, urging me to call him back ASAP to chat about a project for his client, Vermont State Employees Credit Union in Burlington.

When I did finally get back to him, my jaw hit the floor in amazement.


It was a dream come true: shoot photos and video of Matt and his colleague John Gregoire as they facilitated an ambitious three-day visioning retreat for VSECU. The event would harness the brainpower of over 30 leaders from state government, local business, and inside VSECU itself to learn more about how the institution needed to evolve to best meet the needs of the members and communities it served.

My job was to be a 6’4″ fly on the wall, capturing the small moments, significant connections, and major changes that the event would encourage.


It was the most complicated shoot I’d ever done at that time, operating two Canon 5D Mark III cameras for the photos, a Canon C300 for the filming, and managing over 100 pounds of gear and equipment. All during summer in Burlington, a picturesque location that is also marinating in world-class levels of humidity, courtesy of Lake Champlain.


It was also some of the most fun I’ve had on a shoot, largely because I got to witness John’s colossal intelligence close up and have a front-row seat to the brilliance that is Matt Davis.

I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

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Glimpses from Vermont