Speaker. Photographer. Servant. Storyteller. Christian.
And Jesus said to them, "Follow me & I will make you fishers of men." Immediately they dropped their nets & followed Him. -Matthew 4:19-20

I did something crazy a few years ago – I left a fabulous job as a financial services executive to pursue a dream of running my own speaking and consulting business.

A year later, God showed up, shoved a camera in my hands and said, “Use this too. Follow me. And buckle up.”

My life hasn’t been the same since.

It’s become an improbable combination of opportunities that might have me giving an keynote presentation to a few thousand friends before hopping on a plane to spend the next night photographing gifted Christian evangelists and artists as they tell the world about Jesus, then using the red-eye flight home to write a strategy that improves a client’s talent development programs and editing the short film I shot about the benefits of financial literacy.

All of this has all happened by God’s grace. I thank Him for the opportunity to do what I do…and thank you for stopping by.